Some New Short Course Ideas for Learning High Probability Selling

Suppose you learned how to do High Probability Selling (HPS) and it didn’t work like you thought it would.

And suppose you decided you wanted to learn how to make it work better.

Here are some short course ideas. We will probably offer each of them for less than $100 USD. Right now, we want to find out who wants what.

  • How well do you really know what you’re selling – what does a customer really get when they do business with you?
  • My prospecting script describes what I sell, but no one says Yes.
  • I love asking the Conditional Commitment Question, but could it be preventing sales?
  • What about the Trust and Respect Inquiry – what’s its purpose and how necessary is it?
  • IT Sales – how does the demo fit in?
  • I learned HPS for Outbound Prospecting. What about Inbound Prospecting?
  • What if all of my business comes from referrals?
  • What if I don’t have enough prospects to disqualify any?
  • I need immediate results, and can’t afford to wait.

If you want any of these, or can suggest something else, please send an email to and/or

Or, you can reach Carl Ingalls by phone, +1 610-627-9030 (landline).

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

One thought on “Some New Short Course Ideas for Learning High Probability Selling”

  1. Hi Carl and Paul:
    That’s an excellent set of questions in my opinion. A few are in my top 4

    1. What is the “Get” for commercial and residential cleaning customers and shippers who hire freight brokers; and describing it succinctly and accurately in an offer

    2. Coping with the urgency of wanting or needing immediate results…

    3. Knowing when and how to effectively do a low level TRI

    4. When is probably the correct time to ask the Conditional Commitment question

    Thanks for asking us??


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