What Is High Probability Selling?

High Probability Selling is several things:

  • It’s the title of a book written by Jacques Werth and Nicolas Ruben
  • It’s the name of a step-by-step sales process discovered and refined by Jacques Werth and others
  • It is an idea or model about how to interact with people, and especially when selling
  • It’s the name of this blog
  • It used to be the working name of a company that provided sales training, but that company is now closed

This blog is being maintained by Carl Ingalls, with assistance from Paul Bunn, Neil Myers, and others.  It’s purpose is to keep High Probability Selling going, now that Jacques Werth has retired.

Blog posts will be categorized as Articles or Announcements.  Articles will be about selling, and will be educational.  Announcements will be about what we are selling, including sales training and coaching and seminars plus products like books and MP3 recordings.


One thought on “What Is High Probability Selling?”

  1. I enjoyed your most recent answer to “What is High Probability Selling?” In our May 13, 2020 Zoom interview event, you said, “In simplest terms, [High Probability Selling] is an alternative to pushing when you are interacting with other people.”


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