Rejected Material

After writing this, and getting feedback from some High Probber colleagues, I decided it was a little bit too “pitchy.”  So I tossed it here in my Reject Bin.  People might learn something from my mistakes.  I sure do.  You may compare it to the revised version to get an idea of what we are trying to do.

Pay Attention To What They Want

by Carl Ingalls 2016-03-12 Sat

Most buyers prefer to do business with salespeople who pay attention to what they want.  Not someone who tells them what they want or need, but someone who listens to and accepts whatever they say about what they want.

Many salespeople prefer to try to influence what a potential buyer may want.  To them, selling is about “getting someone to buy,” and that requires some degree of influence.  We call this persuasive selling and some people are very successful at it.

But many are not so successful at persuasive selling, or they don’t want to do what they have to do to sell that way.  Some of these salespeople come to High Probability Selling.

We teach them how to sell without trying to get anyone to buy.

We teach them how to demonstrate, through everything they do, that they pay attention to what a potential buyer wants.

Is this something you want?

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