What Would Sincere Marketing Look Like, If It Exists?

by Carl Ingalls

People automatically think of marketing as being insincere.  But what if it weren’t?  What if marketing were sincere?  What would that look like?

I turned to someone on Twitter who has done a lot more thinking about marketing than I have (but does not want to be identified).  I asked for her opinion about what sincere marketing might be, and this is what she told me.

I suspect it has to do with not over-promising, with having a clear, concise message that aligns perfectly with the actual product/service and doesn’t exaggerate or aggrandize.  I would say that this would be found in companies with a strong corporate ethic, environmental companies, and higher-end or possibly some luxury category goods/services.  Those that have a strong product/service that stands well on its own don’t have to ‘oversell’ so they would fall into this category I guess.

The reason this matters to us is that insincere marketing is not compatible with the way we teach people to sell.

What are your thoughts?

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