Questions and Answers with Carl Ingalls on High Probability Selling, Live Video Chat Wed 11 Nov 2020

Questions about High Probability Selling will be answered by Carl Ingalls (that’s me).

This Q&A event will be on Wednesday 11 November 2020, starting at 11am (USA Eastern Time) and lasting for one hour. We will use Zoom, and Julius Csizmazia will be our host.

The session will be recorded, but the recording will not be made available to the public. Some of the questions and answers may be transcribed into text and published later on our FAQ webpage and/or this blog.

Questions may be submitted either in advance, or during the Q&A session. Questions posted as comments on this blog will also be answered on the blog. Otherwise, the best way to hear the answers is to attend.

There is no charge to attend this meeting. If you want to attend, please register with, using the link below.

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