Pay Attention To What They Want

Most buyers prefer to do business with salespeople who pay attention to what they want.

Many salespeople want to sell by trying to get a potential customer to buy.  Their focus is on influencing the other person.  Not on what the person wants or doesn’t want.

A few salespeople want to sell without trying to get the other person to buy.  They would rather focus on people who want what they are selling, and skip all that persuading and convincing.

You can be successful using either method.

What really matters is how you want to sell.


About Subscribing to the High Probability Selling Blog

We now have two different ways that people may subscribe to this blog, which makes things a little complicated.  I will try to explain this in a way that makes things clearer.

Think of it as two different levels for subscribing.  With either level, you will receive an email whenever a new post has been published here.  You will be able to cancel or change at any time.

The first level is Plain and Simple.  If you see a “Follow” button in the bottom right corner of this browser window, you can click on that, and then provide your email address.  If you don’t see that button, then your browser may need updating.

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The first level is better for people who are very new to High Probability Selling, and who just want to watch for a while without giving us much information about themselves.

The second level is better for people who have been following High Probability Selling for a long time, or who want to interact with us more and receive additional material from us.  It’s a little bit more work for me, but it’s exactly the same amount of work with 10 people as it is with 1000.  So please feel welcome.

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If you want to subscribe at the second level, which is the one that includes the special content, please contact Carl Ingalls, either by phone or email (+1 610-627-9030 or, and please include the following information (required info is shown in bold, and everything else is optional):

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Posts to this blog are categorized as either Articles or Announcements.  Articles are about selling methods and ideas and stories. Announcements are about what we are offering for sale:  sales training, coaching, teleseminars, and new product offerings.  Special Content will not be posted on this blog, and will be sent only to the people who are subscribed at the second level (not just “Following”).

Privacy:  We will not share your name or information with any other organization.

Updates to this information will appear on our Subscribe page.  You can also reach that page by clicking on the Menu button near the top right corner of this page (appears on the blog window as 3 horizontal bars).

Changes at High Probability Selling

Jacques Werth has retired.  His company, High Probability Inc, is closed.

I (Carl Ingalls) have teamed up with two former HPS instructors (Paul Bunn and Neil Myers) to keep “High Prob” going.  We have all taught High Probability Selling in the past with Jacques Werth.

We are now offering individual coaching [also see update below].  For details, contact Carl Ingalls, phone +1 610-627-9030 (USA Eastern Time), email, or you may use the webform on our blog Contact page.

All posts and comments from the original High Probability Selling Blog have been copied to this blog and appear below.  There are a few points to note about these older posts:

  • All blog posts now show Carl Ingalls as the author, but that is not quite correct for most of the older posts (2015 and earlier).  Most were coauthored with Jacques Werth, and a few were written by Paul Bunn and others.
  • Contact information that appears in earlier posts is no longer valid. This includes phone numbers and email addresses.
  • We may delete some of the older posts that are no longer useful.

The original website,, is still working, and is being maintained and updated by Carl Ingalls.

UPDATE (posted 2019-01-04 Fri by Ingalls):
We now offer sales training in the form of group workshops, individual coaching, and consulting.  We also sell books and recordings.  Please visit the HPS website at for more information and also for how to contact us.

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