Refresher Course – Essence of High Probability Selling – November 2019 Workshop

This is a refresher course on High Probability Selling (HPS), recommended for people who have had at least some prior training, and who want a review of the basics.

Topics covered:

  • What is High Probability Selling
  • How Does HPS Differ from Other Sales Methods
  • How Has It Changed Since the HPS Book Was Written
  • Mindset of High Probability Selling
  • HPS Sales Process, Sequence of Steps
  • When HPS Works and When It Does Not
  • Questions and Answers

The course is 1 webinar session (GoToMeeting), about two hours long.  Real-time interactive conversations between participants, led by myself (Carl Ingalls).  Mostly audio, some visual.

I will record the webinar session and make the recording available to the participants.

I interview each applicant by telephone before accepting them as a student.

Price:  $95 USD per person.  We accept PayPal and most major credit cards around the world.

Date:  Thursday 7 November 2019.

Time:  10:00 am to noon, USA Eastern Time (same as New York City).

To Enroll:  Contact Carl Ingalls, by phone +1 610-627-9030, or by email  Please do not send any credit card information by email.

For more information about this workshop, please visit

For other training in High Probability Selling, please visit the HPS Training webpage


New Product for Sale – Turning Cold Calling into Warm Calling – teleseminar recording

This is a recording of an interactive teleseminar presented by Jacques Werth sometime between 2006 and 2009.  He explains the basics of using High Probability Prospecting by telephone.

The price is $43 USD.  Delivered as an MP3 digital download.  32.4 MB, 71 minutes.

You can listen to a sample here.

You can purchase this recording here (and then click on the button for Turning Cold Calling into Warm Calling).

This is Jacques Werth at his best.  He presents some very good arguments about why salespeople should follow High Probability Selling when prospecting.  A good stab at answering his own question, “How can I convince you that convincing doesn’t work?”

However, this is High Probability Prospecting as it was taught 10 years ago.  The basic principles remain the same, but some important details in the steps of the process have changed since then.

Comments and questions are welcome.

Does High Probability Selling Work?

It depends on how you ask the question.  Here are some examples:

Does High Probability Selling (HPS) work for everyone?
No, definitely not.  It does not work for every individual, and it does not work in every situation.

Does HPS work for some people?
Yes, it does.  Extremely well in some cases.

Does HPS work for most people?
Probably not, and especially when we attempt to use the same methods to teach everyone.

Will HPS work for me?
Maybe yes, maybe no.  But this is probably the most important question for all of us, and the most difficult to answer.  Will it work for me, and also –

How can I find out?
We can’t answer that question with certainty, but we are getting better at estimating the odds.  We look for similarities in people who have been successful with HPS, and in people who have not.

Jacques Werth was most successful with people who had decided to try HPS out completely and precisely the way he taught it, and worry about understanding the why later (if at all).  His teaching methods were much less successful with people who were still trying to decide if they were going to do it or not.  He believed that all failures to succeed with HPS were due to not completely following the process, changing or omitting something important.

Today, we focus more on the Mindset of High Probability Selling.  This approach seems to work better for people who need to understand HPS more before they are ready to try it out.  Also, a person’s current mindset is an indicator of what kind of hurdles they will need to get over in order to be successful with HPS.

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