You Can’t Sell High Probability Prospects That Way

by Jacques Werth

Frank, a southern California Realtor, called and said he wanted to learn High Probability Prospecting.  I asked “Why?”

He said, “Yesterday, I was a guest in a foursome at Shady Canyon and a couple of members, who are also Realtors, were raving about your prospecting system.  So, that’s exactly what I want.”

I said, “Have you read the High Probability Selling book?”

“No, I don’t need to,” he said.  “If it works for them it’ll work for me.”

“Not necessarily,” I said.  “The High Probability Prospecting process by itself isn’t likely to produce the kind of results they’re getting, without following through with the High Probability Selling process.”

Frank said, “They didn’t say anything about selling.  Besides, I already know how to sell.  I just need to get more appointments with good prospects.”

I asked, “Did they tell you anything about High Probability Selling?”

“Well,” he said, “they weren’t actually talking to me.  I just overheard them talking to another Realtor, and like I said, I just need more good appointments.”

I said, “The way you sell now is not likely to work with high probability prospects.  And, we don’t want anyone that we train to set themselves up for disappointment.”

“Why won’t it work?” he asked.

“We don’t know.  Some very smart people have tried, and learned the hard way.  Maybe there is something about that kind of prospect that just doesn’t work with ordinary selling methods.”

“Then what should I do?” he asked.

“You could read the book ‘High Probability Selling.’  It describes the entire process, both prospecting and selling, demonstrated through example dialogues.  If you read it, and you then decide that this really is what you want, give us a call.”

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

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