Talking Differently Opens a New Market

A recent graduate of our High Probability Selling (HPS) and High Probability Prospecting (HPP) Workshops wrote to us about how his new mindset about selling has changed his sales career.

Jacques and Richard,

Thank you for the HPS and HPP workshops.  You have given me a new mindset that has changed the way I interact with people (both at work and at home) and that has given me a foundation to build the rest of my sales career on.  Before I took your class I wasn’t hurting or about to quit my job, but I was starting to plateau.  Your workshops have made my old ceiling my new floor.

Today I finished an appointment that I know I would not have been able to close using my old sales techniques.  Instead of presenting my product through my understanding of the prospect’s situation (i.e. guessing what they wanted), I was able to gain their trust and respect and to understand exactly what they wanted and what they were willing to live without.  The best part is that a number of my old “lost” sales fall into the same category as the prospect above.  It’s like I’ve opened up a whole new market simply by talking differently to my current market.

Thanks again

Note:  We have not identified the author of this email, because the High Probability way of thinking is not what his company currently believes about selling.

Talking Differently Opens a New Market

What I Learned About Sales from Robin Williams

by Jacques Werth

On an evening in 1980, I was standing at the bar talking with Jo Anne Astrow, one of the owners of the Improv Comedy Club in West Hollywood.  As usual, the club was packed with a large spirited crowd, including several well-known entertainers.

Robin Williams came up and said “Hey, Jo” and gave her a hug.  His frenetic energy was like a burst of static electricity.

Jo Anne said, “Meet my cousin Jacques. He’s visiting from Philly.”

I said, “What are you up to Robin?”

“Trying to perfect a new routine – something that connects better and gets more laughs.”

I said, “You seem to be getting the hang of it lately.”

Robin said, “If I can’t do that I might have to wash dishes.  What do you do?”

“I’m in sales.”

“How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m the sales manager of a company that just became the industry leader.”

Robin said, “Then we’re both up to the same thing – unless you wanted a career in dish washing.”

Yes, we are both up to the same thing.  In a way, all of us are in sales.  We each have to get very good at selling in order to be successful in doing whatever it is that we want to do.  Otherwise, we might as well be washing dishes.

What I Learned About Sales from Robin Williams