Two-Minute Sales Tip

I Know Your Time is Valuable.”

Is that what you tell prospects that you call?


And don’t tell them:

  * “This call will only take a minute,

  * “My visit will be very short,” or

  * “I won’t waste your time.”

Your time is much more valuable than any prospect’s time because it is your life.  To imply that your time is less valuable than the prospect’s accomplishes two things; the prospect perceives that you are insincere, a fool, or both.

Trust and Respect are the two most important buying decision factors for most people.  When you imply that the prospect’s time is more important than yours’, you have put yourself below them. That instantly lowers their respect for you. When they perceive you to be insincere, that automatically diminishes trust.

What to do instead.  Convince yourself that no one’s time is more important than your own.  When you cherish and respect your own time, you do not waste it on prospects that are not likely to buy.  Prospects will intuitively perceive that you are not a time-waster.  That makes them feel good about taking your prospecting calls.  They will also feel good about doing business with you when they want your type of products or services.

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