“Never Be So Sure of What You Want, That You Wouldn’t Take Something Better” – Chris Voss on Negotiating

Chris Voss is a master of negotiating, and especially in hostage situations.  In this You Tube video, he explains many of his basic principles for negotiating successfully.  Paul Bunn and I saw a lot of parallels between the principles Chris Voss follows in a negotiation situation and the principles we follow in a High Probability Selling situation.

The video is titled “CEO Chris Voss: Negotiate Like Your Life Depends On It | iConic Conference 2017 | CNBC” and is a little over 33 minutes long.  The You Tube URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKrs7HdhUjM

I invite you to watch and listen to him speak, and then post your thoughts and comments on this blog.


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