“Never Be So Sure of What You Want, That You Wouldn’t Take Something Better” – Chris Voss on Negotiating

Chris Voss is a master of negotiating, and especially in hostage situations.  In this You Tube video, he explains many of his basic principles for negotiating successfully.  Paul Bunn and I saw a lot of parallels between the principles Chris Voss follows in a negotiation situation and the principles we follow in a High Probability Selling situation.

The video is titled “CEO Chris Voss: Negotiate Like Your Life Depends On It | iConic Conference 2017 | CNBC” and is a little over 33 minutes long.  The You Tube URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKrs7HdhUjM

I invite you to watch and listen to him speak, and then post your thoughts and comments on this blog.


Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

6 thoughts on ““Never Be So Sure of What You Want, That You Wouldn’t Take Something Better” – Chris Voss on Negotiating”

  1. In the first few minutes, I wasn’t sure I was goin to watch the whole thing..but I’m glad I did..so what did I see similiar to HPS..well IMHO…

    1. Trying to get people to say yes by asking questions designed to get a yes doesn’t work (so be authentic)

    2. People care about what they care about..not what YOU care about

    3. People immediately think and feel like you’re trapping them..or setting them up when you say typical things on a phone call like, ‘do you have a few minutes’-and so they stop listening..and try to get away as soon as possible

    4. You only have seconds to tell/show a person you understand what they’re after..and what you can do about that

    5. People like to feel undestood, as in ‘that’s right’..as in a clear, good HPP offer..their legitimate confirmation about what’s important to THEM serves as an excellent and very effective starting point in moving forward towards a positive conclusion..

    6. If you show REAL undestanding, empathy and respect for people..they will probably respect you as well..and want to deal with you again


  2. It was a Great Presentation,,,,,sometimes Mr Voss would get a little off track,,,,so I would like Carl and Paul to comment as si I can Focus more clearly . I will re-do the webcast and some more comments Thxs again ory


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