Resistance to Doing the Trust and Respect Inquiry (TRI)

Resistance is a natural reaction to being pushed.  This is a core concept in High Probability Selling (HPS).

If you feel pushed into buying an idea, it’s just like sales resistance.  The more someone tries to convince you, the more the resistance builds.

That’s the problem with the Trust and Respect Inquiry (TRI).  When people sense that it’s being pushed onto them, they resist it.

So who’s doing the pushing, and why?

The authors of the book High Probability Selling felt very passionately about the TRI.  They really wanted people to benefit from this, and that desire came through in their writing.  Passion about what you are selling can make people feel pressured, and I believe that’s what happened here.

We handle this differently today.  Still passionate, but less pushing, and we offer more choices.  We teach a gradual approach to the TRI, and we don’t make it mandatory.

For more information about the TRI:
You Have to Get Personal
Establishing a Relationship – Revisited

Workshops in Dec 2018:  Chapter 12 Updated on Tue 11 Dec for $95

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

2 thoughts on “Resistance to Doing the Trust and Respect Inquiry (TRI)”

  1. Carl,

    I think resistance is a big problem..and we as sales reps..have to be very aware of when we might be doing that and avoid it or stop it..whether its at the beginning, middle or end of the sale..

    The great value I got from HPS is that it taught me about sales resistance and its possible negative impact and that selling doesn’t necessarily require me to be fake or subservient or aggressive..and that being trustworthy is probably the single most important thing I can offer..

    For me..the only thing that really matters is your mindset..


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