Leave the Old Stuff Behind

by Jacques Werth and Carl Ingalls

The most difficult aspect of High Probability Selling is the change from conventional selling to non-persuasive selling.  The process requires a strong desire, a knowledge base, and practice (skills).  The awareness level of the average salesperson is a stumbling block because s/he only knows conventional methods.  As a result, the salesperson wants to combine what is comfortable with what is new.

The only way to arrive at destination B is to leave station A.  The successful application of High Probability Selling can appear simple and even similar to conventional sales because it comes off very natural.  The practice, however, is dramatically different.  Your starting point, your aim, and your goal are different.

The process of acquiring High Probability skills is incremental and must be practiced everyday at work, home, and play.  Because most salespeople have yet to fully leave the station, and they don’t practice everyday, there is a continual request to have it both ways.

High Probability communicating is a way of life. It isn’t only for work and then turned off before you get home.  It’s a parenting tool, a marriage enhancer, and it develops long-term relationships.  It’s not designed to be diluted with one part manipulation, one part persuasion, and one part High Probability.

By definition, it’s called High Probability because the process gives you the highest probability for success.  Diluting it requires a different descriptor like:  “Mostly High Probability but not exactly” or “High Probability except when it’s not.”

Leave the Old Stuff Behind