Want Interested Prospects?

by Jacques Werth and Carl Ingalls

What happens when you spend your time and resources engaging with prospects that are merely interested in what you are selling?  An interested prospect is only shopping for information and free advice.  Suppose you give them just that, lots of free information and advice, along with lots of your own valuable time.  Do you think they will eventually buy from you out of gratitude?  How do you think they will feel about “owing” you the order?

When a prospect has finished shopping for information and is ready to buy, they are no longer an interested prospect.  At this point, they are far more likely to buy from someone who is simply in the business of selling than they are to buy from someone who spends their time giving free information and advice.

How do you feel about someone else getting the sale after you have invested all that time and energy with the prospect?  Do you feel that you lost something you deserved to get, and that the other guy was just lucky?

Do you want to be one of those salespeople who regularly contacts prospects at just the right time to get the sale?

Want Interested Prospects?