Essence of High Probability Selling – October 2019 Workshop for Beginners

We recommend this course for people who are just beginning with High Probability Selling (HPS), and have read the book at least once.

The October session is for people who have never received any training in HPS.  Another session with similar material will be offered in November as a refresher for people who have had at least some training in HPS and want a review of the basics.

Topics covered:

  • What is High Probability Selling
  • How Does HPS Differ from Other Sales Methods
  • How Has It Changed Since the HPS Book Was Written
  • Mindset of High Probability Selling
  • HPS Sales Process, Sequence of Steps
  • When HPS Works and When It Does Not
  • Questions and Answers

The course is 1 webinar session (GoToMeeting), about two hours long.  Real-time interactive conversations between participants, led by Carl Ingalls.  Mostly audio, some visual.

We record the webinar session and make the recording available to the participants.

We interview each applicant by telephone before accepting them as a student.

Price:  $95 USD per person.  We accept PayPal and most major credit cards around the world.

Date:  Thursday 17 10 October 2019.

Time:  10:00 am to noon, USA Eastern Time (same as New York City).

To Enroll:  Contact Carl Ingalls, by phone +1 610-627-9030, or by email  Please do not send any credit card information by email.

For more information about this workshop, please visit our webpage at

For other training in High Probability Selling, please visit our HPS Training webpage.

Notes added on Thu 10 Oct 2019 by C Ingalls appear in red.

New Discussion Group on Facebook for High Probability Selling

This discussion group is for students and practitioners of High Probability Selling.  People who have received interactive training and/or coaching from Jacques Werth, or from any of the teachers and coaches he has authorized.

The main purpose of this group is for members to exchange information with each other about their own experiences with High Probability Selling.  I (Carl Ingalls) will participate to some degree in some of the conversations, but I really want the members to step up and help each other.

The name of the group is High Probability Selling.  It is private (closed), and the content is visible to members only.  If you want to be a member, or if you have questions, please contact me (Carl Ingalls).

You will need a Facebook account.  As far as I know, you will not need to “friend” anyone.

I created this group on 3 Sep 2019.  This is the first public announcement about it, and I anticipate lots of new members.

Carl Ingalls
+1 610-627-9030

Some notes added by Ingalls on 24 Sep 2019:

  • An easy way to find the HPS Discussion Group is to click on this link:
  • If you ask to be invited, Facebook will ask you some questions about your background and training or coaching in HPS, and then FB will notify me.  I will review your request and decide.
  • Please note that membership is currently limited to people who have received personal training and/or coaching from Jacques Werth, or from any of the teachers and coaches he has authorized.  The main reason is to ensure that people who answer questions posted by others have at least a minimum level of training in HPS.
  • I have asked everyone to speak from their own personal experience with HPS.  I believe that will be more valuable to others than thoughts and opinions, or things that other people have said.
  • As of today (Mon 24 Sep 2019), we have 23 members, and are still growing.
  • I am new to Facebook, and I am still figuring it out.
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