Limit the Scope of Prospecting Offers

A High Probability Prospecting offer should be very specific, with a limited scope.  Avoid using a more general offer that tries to encompass most of what you do.

Some examples:

Instead of saying “I sell life insurance”, use at least two separate offers, where each excludes the other:

  • “I sell a whole life insurance policy that …”
  • “I sell a term life insurance policy that …”

Instead of saying “We offer IT support services”, break that down into two or more very specific offers:

  • “We provide a remote help desk service that …”
  • “We offer a network monitoring service that …”

This can be a very scary thing to do.  It doesn’t feel right to purposely exclude such a large portion of the audience in each prospecting offer.

Part of the reason it doesn’t feel right is that most of us are too desperate about each prospecting call, and emotionally attached to a positive outcome.  This makes us behave as if this is our only chance to get the prospect to buy from us.

But High Probability Prospecting is not about “getting” the prospect to buy.  It’s about finding someone who wants what we are selling, and is ready to buy now.

We do that by calling the same prospects over and over, with different prospecting offers.  Over time, they get a very good picture of what we are about.  Doing this in small bites gets better results than trying to get the entire message across at once.

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