Seminar Selling and High Probability Selling – An Open Discussion on Zoom, Wed 1 Mar 2023

Seminar Selling is when you make a presentation to an audience about what you offer, with the hope that some people will buy from you.

We will talk about what happens when you combine High Probability Selling with Seminar Selling.

We will use Zoom video conferencing.  The discussions will be led by Paul Bunn and Carl Ingalls. Recordings will be made available to participants only.

We are offering this meeting twice, on Wednesday 1 March 2023, at 10am and again at 4pm (USA Eastern Time). No charge.

If you want to attend, please send us your email address, and let us know which time. 

High Probability Selling Versus Human Nature

High Probability Selling demands that we stop trying to control others, and this goes against some parts of our human nature. 

We begin life as babies who manipulate people in order to get the care that we need.  It’s a natural survival tactic that works. 

As we mature, we gradually learn alternative ways of interacting, ways that are less manipulative and more cooperative, but we never completely let go of trying to control other people. 

And this can get in the way of being successful with High Probability Selling.  Even the most proficient practitioners occasionally find themselves drifting into old habits. 

The trick is to learn to recognize when we are drifting, and to have a way of getting back into the High Probability way of being.

Different people have different ways of doing that.

How do you manage it?

Rediscovering High Probability Selling – An Open Discussion

Let’s talk about Rediscovering High Probability Selling.  There are new developments in areas like Inbound Prospecting and Social Media, plus a new way of teaching. 

We also want to hear about people’s experiences with High Probability Selling. 

We will use Zoom video conferencing.  The meeting will be led by Paul Bunn and Carl Ingalls, and will be recorded. 

We are offering this meeting on the following dates and times (USA Eastern Time): 

  1. Wed 15 Feb at 2pm
  2. Thu 16 Feb at 7pm
  3. Fri 17 Feb at 9am

If you want to attend, please reply to this email, and let us know which date. 

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