What We Believe In – An Intro

by Jacques Werth and Carl Ingalls

This is an overview of the things we Believe In, the fundamental beliefs at the core of High Probability Selling, the things we stand for.  Our best customers are the people who share our deepest beliefs.

  • Everyone deserves dignity and self-respect.
  • Honesty really is the best policy.  It is the most reliable strategy for real success.  People who believe this strongly enough make it true.
  • There is abundance in the world, and you will find it if you know how to look.
  • Authenticity is about being what you believe in, not merely acting it out.
  • Success comes from providing value.  We define value as what other people want.
  • Observation overrules logic.  An idea does not have to be logical to be true.  Sometimes the things that work best don’t make sense at first.
  • It’s not magic.  Ordinary people can learn and copy what the most successful people do.  No special mysterious talents are required.

We thank Simon Sinek for his TED talk on How great leaders inspire action, which inspired us to feature “What We Believe In” as a category in this blog.

Jacques Werth and Carl Ingalls

What We Believe In – An Intro