Does High Probability Selling Work?

It depends on how you ask the question.  Here are some examples:

Does High Probability Selling (HPS) work for everyone?
No, definitely not.  It does not work for every individual, and it does not work in every situation.

Does HPS work for some people?
Yes, it does.  Extremely well in some cases.

Does HPS work for most people?
Probably not, and especially when we attempt to use the same methods to teach everyone.

Will HPS work for me?
Maybe yes, maybe no.  But this is probably the most important question for all of us, and the most difficult to answer.  Will it work for me, and also –

How can I find out?
We can’t answer that question with certainty, but we are getting better at estimating the odds.  We look for similarities in people who have been successful with HPS, and in people who have not.

Jacques Werth was most successful with people who had decided to try HPS out completely and precisely the way he taught it, and worry about understanding the why later (if at all).  His teaching methods were much less successful with people who were still trying to decide if they were going to do it or not.  He believed that all failures to succeed with HPS were due to not completely following the process, changing or omitting something important.

Today, we focus more on the Mindset of High Probability Selling.  This approach seems to work better for people who need to understand HPS more before they are ready to try it out.  Also, a person’s current mindset is an indicator of what kind of hurdles they will need to get over in order to be successful with HPS.

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Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

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