When High Probability Selling Doesn’t Work

High Probability Selling (HPS) does not work for everybody or for every situation. This article describes 6 cases where HPS almost never works.

by Carl Ingalls and Jacques Werth
High Probability Selling (HPS) does not work for everybody or for every situation.
  • If your job is to sell the way your boss tells you to, and that way is not High Probability Selling, then using HPS may get you fired.  If you want to go ahead and do it anyway, you might have to pretend that you are doing what your boss tells you to do, and start looking for a new job.  Do not be tempted to use your new success to prove your boss wrong.
  • If you enjoy the feeling that you are very persuasive, then High Probability Selling probably won’t work for you.  Any attempt to persuade when using HPS will backfire, because it will generate even more mistrust than if you simply used a traditional way of selling.  If you feel that your success depends upon your ability to change prospect’s minds, then it may be very difficult for you to give up that feeling.
  • If you think of your prospects as prey to be driven into a sale, then High Probability Selling will not be appealing to you.  HPS does not offer any techniques for tricking people into buying from you.
  • If you believe that finding people who already want what you are selling is merely “order taking” and not real selling, then High Probability Selling is not for you.  Making more money due to the increased volume of sales may not be enough to compensate for the feeling that you aren’t creating the sale.
  • If you find it very difficult to try something that is very different from what other people seem to be doing, then you might not be able to try High Probability Selling.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the idea of calling a list of people, and taking “No” for an answer from most of them, then High Probability Selling may not be for you.  The best way to find “Yes” is to learn to accept “No” and move on.

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

3 thoughts on “When High Probability Selling Doesn’t Work”

  1. How about this: If you think good sales reps are born…rather than trained and developed…High Probability Selling may not appeal to you.



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