The Trust and Respect Problem

by Jacques Werth and Carl Ingalls

The two most important decision making factors for the vast majority of people who are making a significant buying decision are:
  1. How much do I TRUST this salesperson?
  2. How much do I RESPECT this salesperson?

How do you get your prospects
to trust and respect you?

Showing your testimonials, reference letters, and independent testing laboratory reports will not get most people to trust you. If they haven’t decided to trust you yet, they aren’t ready to trust your documentation.

Showing a deep interest in their problems is not the answer either. They know that you are looking for a problem that your products or services can solve.

Talking about their problems intelligently to show your expertise will not get the prospect’s respect. They have to feel that they respect you before they can respect your suggestions.

How do you get your prospects to trust and respect you?

What if trying to “get” someone to trust and respect you is what causes people to not trust you and to not respect you?

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

One thought on “The Trust and Respect Problem”

  1. I really enjoyed thinking about this concept with regard to more than respect/loyalty — add love/friendship to the basic concept as well.

    People who “try” to belong preclude belonging. It’s all a “self fulfilling prophesy.”

    In fact, I indeed think that correcting the “trying” in someone’s personality is quite possible. I believe that people can change. It may take consecration, effort and work, but it’s possible. Some people are taught by example from early on — these “lucky” individuals had a head start, but nevertheless, others can simple learn. What do they say? When the student is ready, the teacher comes.


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