The Power of Accepting “No”

by Carl Ingalls

The following is part of a recent conversation on between Carl Ingalls ( and Christina Luminea (  Jacques Werth ( is the owner of this blog.

Carl:  Your ability to take “no” for an answer makes it easier for others to say “yes”.

Your ability to take “no” for an answer makes it easier for others to say “yes”.

Christina:  This really got me thinking: RT (@Carl_Ingalls: Your ability to take “no” for an answer makes it easier for others to say “yes”. Thanks Carl

Carl:  Thank you for the RT, and I would love to hear about your thinking. I’m always looking for better ideas & ways to say them.

Christina:  I think you are right. By taking “no” for an answer you show people respect for their ideas and beliefs. You build trust.

Christina:  People will be more confident to say ‘yes’ next time, knowing their opinion counts and they are not taken for granted.

Christina:  The strangest thing is all of this makes sense but I wouldn’t have thought of it before. This is why: Thank you!

Carl:  Thank you very much for sharing your thinking with me, and expressing it so well. It helps clarify my own thinking.

Carl:  The idea of “taking no for an answer” is part of a sales philosophy I’ve been studying, called High Probability Selling.

Carl:  I am helping the founder with a blog. May I have your permission to quote your tweets there?

Christina:  Please feel free to use any of my tweets and I am looking forward to share thoughts and ideas with you, in the future.

Jacques:  Your conversation with @cristinaluminea would be good to post on our blog.

Carl:  “The Power of Accepting No”, a Twitter conversation with @cristinaluminea posted on

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

4 thoughts on “The Power of Accepting “No””

  1. It is interesting because we believe that it is important to take “no” for an answer. Respect the no! However, many people think that no means never. And so they never go back! No is often temporary and people’s answers change when circumstances change. And we all no that things are always changing. Therefore, while you should “take no” do not take it as “never.” And if you “go for no” you may hear “no” from the same person over and over – for a long period time. But eventually you will often get that “yes.”


    1. Andrea,
      Thank you for your comment. On the topic of accepting “No”, it appears that the ideas you teach are similar to High Probability Selling. We teach our students to say a polite goodbye when the prospect says no, and then call again several weeks later with a different offer.


  2. WOW! First off I MUST say that this is SO SUPER refreshing to hear being taught. That this is THE standard and that we as sales people must put integrity in the sales process once and KEEP IT THERE! Starting with respecting people and their “no’s” is something that in the typical sales training I’ve received in the past would be considered breaking the 11th commandment or something! How true it is we need to accept the no and keep following up as things do change.


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