Take Advantage of Information Overload

by Jacques Werth

Information Overload results in the average American being exposed to over 12 million informational messages per year.  The vast majority of those messages get filtered out before they ever reach a conscious mind.

Five-Step Buying Decision Model, developed circa 1950
AIDCA = Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction, and Action

Those people that perceive they have a need for the benefits of your products and services open their mental filters to “solutions” that have the potential to satisfy those needs.  They have already gone through Attention, Interest, and Desire before you showed up.  Then, it is a matter of which of their needs has top priority.  That makes them into High Probability Prospects, or not.

A High Probability Prospect is someone who needs, wants, can afford, and is ready to buy now whatever it is that you are selling.  We do not spend time with anyone who does not meet these criteria.

A High Probability Prospect already has Attention, Interest, and Desire.  We verify this during the initial steps of the sales process.

When you spend your time only with High Probability Prospects, your primary focus is on the Conviction and Action steps.  You will close many more sales than your competitors who are spending their time on the Attention, Interest, and Desire steps.

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

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