Advice for the Aspiring Financial Services Agent

by Jacques Werth

I suggest that you join a medium-sized independent brokerage that has several agents who earn $200,000 or more in commissions.  Get a commitment that you will be able to observe their top earners one day a week, while they are prospecting and selling to their own clients.  Take notes on everything they say and do.  Then, do what they do.

Do not offer to reciprocate in any way.  That kind of mentoring is priceless, and most highly successful people enjoy doing it.  If you need help closing some of your prospects, it’s okay to split the commission when they do.

Your market should focus on executives and managers of large organizations that are most likely to have substantial disposable incomes and/or a high net worth.

There are thousands of expert agents and representatives for every financial product and service who cannot sell.  They will do all of the work for a small part of your commissions.  Your expertise should be focused on prospecting and selling.  However, in the beginning just offer life and disability insurance and mutual funds.

Most important – “interested” prospects seldom buy.  Spend your time with prospects that WANT what you offer them.


Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

2 thoughts on “Advice for the Aspiring Financial Services Agent”

  1. In the Cold Calling live session audio recording, Jacques said not to call more than 3 hours a day (plus two 15 min breaks) unless you have nothing better to do….please expound on this phenomena.


    1. Ed – Most salespeople who do telephone prospecting for more than 3 hours, plus two 15 minute breaks per day, get very little results after the 3rd hour. If they continue it seems as if they are doing it the same way, but their results become non-existent. We don’t know why.

      There have been some rare exceptions.


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