Teaching HPS… Inverted

Everything we do in High Probability Selling supports what we do later in the process.

So what if we teach the High Probability Appointment first, and then work backwards from there?

By the time we get to High Probability Prospecting, it should be much more obvious what we are doing and why.

Your thoughts?

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

2 thoughts on “Teaching HPS… Inverted”

  1. Learning, experiencing, and “grokking” – take many forms, of course, and might be too obvious to say. There are many roads to “getting this.” Repetition, formats, variants, and different roads – are all worth trying out, experimenting with, applying, and trial-running. Sometimes coaching conference speakers, I have to, for my own preferences, start with feedback from the end of the talk, as it’s the freshest, and then work back from there. Of course, the work done, “hammering out” the clarity – wherever I start – accrues to the benefit of insights offered later. So, there’s that. HPS is a gift, a practice, a break in the ordinary… toward something that presents the intersection of maximum respect, minimum downside & waste, and greatest benefit – no matter the outcome. Let the good times roll!

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