He’s Got the Magic

I went into five automobile showrooms, all with the same make cars, in order to choose the one where I bought my last car.

My experience at the first four dealerships, after their big toothed smile greetings, each salesperson assured me that I would get the best deal and the best service if I bought a car from them; especially if I bought it on that day.

At the fifth dealership, a very large one, a salesperson named Walt asked me, “Do you want to buy a car, or would you like me to leave you alone while you look at the models on the floor?”

I said, “I want to buy a car” and I told him which model I wanted.

He said, “Who will be driving your new car?”

I said, “Mostly me, but sometimes my wife. She is going to drive our luxury gas guzzler, and I’m going to drive the new one to and from work.”

He said, “Does she need to be in on the decision to buy?”

I said, “Yes, but only to select the exterior and interior colors.”

He said, “What kind of work do you do?”

“I’m a sales consultant and trainer,” I said.

“I wish I had some good sales training before I got into this business,” he said. “I had to learn the hard way.”

“Most good salespeople learn the hard way,” I said. “What’s the most important thing you learned about sales?”

Walt replied, “I came to realize that the prospects are always in control and they want to be treated with respect.”

Later on, when I returned to pick up the car, I asked who the top salesperson in the agency was and they said, “Definitely that would be Walt, even though he’s kind of quiet and reserved…but he’s got something…he’s got the magic.”

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

4 thoughts on “He’s Got the Magic”

  1. Jack, another great story. I use your
    techniques to help instruct and guide
    friends (mostly guys) in their relationships.
    Have you ever considered authoring a
    book on relationships? I’m sure you’ve used T&R inquiry to “choose”
    your wife.


  2. Joseph,

    I met my wife, Marie, 26 years ago at a neighborhood party and presented her with a High Probability Prospecting (HPP) offer. She said “Yes,” to my offer and we set up an “appointment” to meet for coffee the next afternoon.

    Over coffee, I conducted a Trust and Respect Inquiry (TRI) with her. It was the first of hundreds of TRIs that we have done with each other. We are still crazy in love, only more so.

    PS: The statistics of HPP offers for dating are remarkable.


  3. I second the notion that the TRI and these techniques do amazing things for relationships and communication. My father and I run coaching programs focused on marriage / family communication, and some of the most effective techniques we teach our clients come from what we have learned from Jacques and High Probability Selling. Amazing stuff not just for sales, but for life.


  4. Some weeks ago a young man approached me and asked to be taught some dating techniques. He’d read an article I wrote on Dating With A Purpose (DWAP). Knowing I only had a short time to share my thoughts with him, I taught him how to conduct a TRI on his first date.

    After reviewing the basic concepts, he practiced going on a first date with my wife. Although we found ourselves laughing throughout the process, as this strapping young lad of 21 interviewed my gorgeous 46 yr. old wife, mother of 5 boys, and grandmother, it was a profound experience for both the interviewee and the interviewed.

    There was not a second date scheduled, but the experience will no doubt carry forth for the young man.

    I’ve been conducting TRI’s on my bride since we met 28 years ago. I didn’t know what they were called until Jacques taught me, however, since my training, our relationship has only deepened and our intimacy intensified.


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