Secret Sales Tips and Tricks

by Jacques Werth

Why are those words so alluring?

The most successful salespeople seldom read articles with those words in the title.  Such articles are for salespeople who think that selling is just a bag of tips and tricks.

There are no secret tips.  There are no magic tricks.  Effective selling is about finding a sales process that works, following that process carefully, and measuring the results.  Pay attention to doing it right.  You can’t learn how to sell just by reading articles or participating in sales discussion groups.  Although it is possible to learn to sell by reading a lot of books, this doesn’t work for most people.

Books and CD’s can teach you a great deal about selling, but not much about the step-by-step details on how to actually do it.  For that, we recommend training and practice.

The idea of “tips and tricks” is just another sales trick.

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

3 thoughts on “Secret Sales Tips and Tricks”

  1. Jacques,

    As a golf enthusiast, your post is reminiscent of the “tips and tricks” articles I read in links publications.

    While helpful, most are a rehash of past advice, and no substitute for “doing” – the sometimes painful process of trial and adjustment.


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