About Jacques Werth, Founder

Jacques Werth, MBA, is the founder and past President of High Probability Selling, a sales consulting and sales training organization (now closed). Werth has observed hundreds of salespeople in many different industries while they interacted with prospects and customers. He learned what the top 1% of the world’s best salespeople do that the other 99% do not do, and this is what he has taught.

Jacques retired and closed his company at the end of 2015.  If you wish to leave a message for Jacques, please see our Contact page and use the webform there.

As he approached retirement, Jacques asked me (Carl Ingalls) to take over. I did that in early 2016. I keep in contact with Jacques, and I continue to learn from the stories he tells (even those I’ve heard before). I maintain and update the website he created, www.HighProbSell.com. I also maintain and add to this blog.

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