Don’t Waste Time

By Jacques Werth, President
High Probability® Selling

Most customers make up their minds about your product or service within the first 30 seconds of a prospecting call. For this reason, you should avoid wasting your time on those who make a negative response as soon as you’ve made your offer.

Use your cold calls to eliminate those prospects who have a low probability of ever buying from you. A short, simple Prospecting Offer that describes who you are, and what you’re selling, is all you need to do this.

If the prospect doesn’t want what you’re selling, end the call and move on to the next prospect. However, be sure to call the prospect again in about four weeks – with a different prospecting offer.



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Until Next Time…Sell Well

Jacques Werth – High Probability Selling

Copyright 2007.


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Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

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