Dignity, Self-Respect and Real Estate Success

A Different Mindset for Successful Realtors

We have trained hundreds of Realtors and Brokers. Most of them were already quite successful before they enrolled in our sales courses. And, all of them had previously been trained by one or more well known real estate sales trainers. So, why did they spend time and money to participate in our particular courses?

Word got around that they should read our book, “High Probability Selling” (HPS). It is not a textbook or a how-to book. It tells the story about a veteran salesperson (in the packaging industry) who learned how to find and make appointments with prospects who wanted to buy what he had to offer. It showed them how, by being direct and honest with prospects, he could close a much higher percentage of them.

So what; isn’t that what all sales trainers say? No, it isn’t. Most sales trainers say they can teach you tricks and techniques to get more appointments and close more sales. If you have the drive, motivation and guts to use the manipulative tactics they teach, it usually works. However, most Realtors don’t like to use those tricks and tactics. They don’t like how they feel about themselves when they sell that way. Unfortunately, those who will not sell that way often adopt a totally soft-sell approach and they don’t sell very much.

This book presents an entirely different sales process based on mutual trust, mutual respect, and authenticity. It’s about being totally forthcoming with people. It’s about being who you really are, instead of acting the part of a charming and charismatic professional. In that shift, those highly successful Realtors saw the possibility of regaining their dignity, self-respect and self-esteem. They wanted that more, a lot more, than they wanted to increase their income by some large percentage.

When they participated in the HPS course, they no longer felt the need to be overly courteous, overly friendly, or extremely accommodating. They gave up the ultra-cheery persona, the rapport-building techniques, and the insincere flattery. Instead, they learned to stop treating prospects like prey and to deal with them on the basis of mutual trust and respect. To do that requires a totally different mindset and an organized sales process designed to achieve that kind of a relationship. They also learned how to disqualify untrustworthy prospects before they become the worst kind of clients.

HPS is not a soft-sell process. It requires total disclosure by both parties. Clear, explicit mutual agreements and commitments with prospects who are ready, willing and able are required. Prospects who withhold commitments are temporarily disqualified, quickly and courteously. They will be provided with more opportunities to make commitments again, soon. That saves the substantial time and resources that are wasted on prospects who do not intend to buy.

How did the training work for those successful Realtors? It created a new, more enjoyable way for them to live their lives, and to sell even more in less time. Work became more like fun than work. Personal relationships improved. Their sales and income improved. Many of them hired staffs and their staffs also enrolled in HPS courses. They enrolled in follow-on programs to get a deeper understanding of the HPS mindset that they experienced in previous courses.

If you want to see how the HPS mindset can work for you, read the book, attend an HPS Mindset Teleconference, or both.

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

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