Willing to Try Something New

by Jacques Werth

At the end of one of my training workshops on High Probability Selling (HPS), I asked the participants what they were going to do with what they had learned.  After some discussion, one of them asked another what she was going to do.

She answered, “I’m going to use High Probability Selling for one month.  I’ll compare my sales volume with the average of my previous twelve months.  If I come close to that average by just taking one course in HPS, I’ll keep using it and I’ll take the course over again.  If not, I’ll go back to the way I was selling before.  The worst that can happen is that I will lose one month’s income.”

She was already a very successful Realtor before she took the course, but was looking for a way to increase her sales while reducing her work hours.  Her willingness to try new things is what led to the success she already had, and also to the new success she found with High Probability Selling.

Willing to Try Something New

3 thoughts on “Willing to Try Something New

  1. Susan:

    She took the same course again the following month. We asked each person in the course why they were taking it and what they wanted to get out of it. She answered with the following:

    She had taken the same course 1 month earlier and immediately began applying HPS. After just one month, her results were:
    – Earnings slightly lower than her average.
    – She increased her prospecting activities.
    – Improved satisfaction of her current clients.
    – She was far more relaxed and enjoyed her work more.
    – She was spending more time with her family.
    – She liked herself a lot more than she used to while selling.

    There is more to her story. She continued using High Probability Selling, increased her earnings, and grew her business. Every time she hired another employee, she took the course again with that employee. Eventually, she tripled her earnings and cut her working hours in half.



  2. Tom Busselle says:

    Hi Jacq,
    I challenge anyone to internalize HiProb and not be changed radically in every area of their life.
    Speaking for myself it was an epiphany, a brain bath.

    No longer focused on my suspect’s reactions to my Svengali selling moves. Instead focusing on the really important issues… like their appetite for my offer and whether I trusted them enough to continue the process. My self respect soared, my stress plummeted and the fungolas multiplied geometrically. It didn’t hurt to have my mentor there for support all these years. Is naming my next three kids after you enough or would royalties work better for you?


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