Discovering High Probability Selling

by Jacques Werth

I did not create the sales process that I call High Probability Selling, I discovered it.  I discovered that the top 1% of sales producers do things very differently from the other 99%.  I also discovered that most of them cannot explain what they do, and are unable to teach it to others.

However, you can learn what they do and how to do it yourself by watching them and taking lots of notes.  That’s what I did, with hundreds of top producing salespeople in many different industries.

The result is High Probability Selling, a non-persuasive sales process that is based upon studying what top salespeople actually do.  This process is illustrated in the book “High Probability Selling” and is taught in our sales training courses.

For more information about us, or about the book or our training courses, please visit our main website at

Discovering High Probability Selling

5 thoughts on “Discovering High Probability Selling

  1. Vince Ojeda says:

    Too many times, I have witnessed a top salesperson get promoted to a position of “Sales Manager” and fail miserably. Jacques, your point above that “most of them cannot explain what they do” really resonated with me. Great salespeople are not always going to be great Sales Coaches.


  2. I agree with Vince, just like in baseball. The best coaches are former catchers, not necessarily hall of famers or triple crown winners.

    Not to mention most average salespeople THINK they’re in the top 1%. They think that they can just do what everyone else does better to make more when the truth is the top 1% play by different “rules”.


  3. Jacques Werth says:

    My original post was not intended to address the problems of sales managers. However, both Vince Ojeda and Malcolm are correct.

    Two major sales research companies say the average tenure of a new sales manager is now less than 20 months.


  4. Ian says:

    I have read High Probability Selling, and It seems that HPS is mainly being used face to face after the prospecting phase. I am in a 100% inside sales role using only the phone. How well will the selling and closing stages, and especially the Trust and Inquiry questions work over the phone only? Thanks.


  5. Ian,
    Many inside salespeople use High Probability Selling to do their complete sales process via telephone, conference calls, or webinars. That includes us. We rarely go out of our offices to meet prospects or train groups. Both, individuals and groups enroll in the courses via phone and most of our courses are taught by phone, it’s just second nature to us.

    Call me or Carl if you want to see how it works.



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