Will High Probability Selling Work for Me, or Not?

by Carl Ingalls

The answer is maybe.  High Probability Selling (HPS) might work extremely well for you, or it might not work at all, or it might work about as well as what you are already doing.

If you want a better answer than that, you can fill out one of our free questionnaires.  You will get an estimate of how well HPS is likely to work for you.

The questionnaires compare an individual’s attitudes and behaviors with the people who have gained the most from our sales training and also with the people who have not benefited from it.  These comparisons provide an estimate of the compatibility between the individual and what is required to be successful with High Probability Selling.

Our predictions are not perfect.  We still get some surprises, and a lot of them are pleasant ones.  However, we believe that an estimate of probability of success may be valuable for people who are asking whether HPS will work for them or not.

When people make better decisions about whether to take our sales training courses (or not), we also benefit.

For more information and details about our new questionnaires, please click here

We want to hear your feedback about these questionnaires.  Please leave a comment on our blog.

Update (6 Jun 2012):  Questionnaire #1 is still free.  However, as of June 2012, the second questionnaire is no longer free.

Will High Probability Selling Work for Me, or Not?

3 thoughts on “Will High Probability Selling Work for Me, or Not?

  1. Excited about taking the survey, I was not displeased at all at the results. Familiar with DISC and Myers Brigg I know the value behavioral and personality surveys can have in relationship building. I found the My Behavioral Hierarchy graph consistent with my strengths and weaknesses and invaluable when engaging prospects and clients. Using the High Probability Study with My Behavioral Hierarchy graph result, I can take immediate action to change and improve in the weak areas.


  2. Where’s this survey? I too have taken the Myers-Briggs and searched and assessed. Not until I read “High Probably Sales” did I get the will to go after a career in sales. Every time I read that book, I get a sense of freedom, a feeling free of having to bend to the will of others. So much of the sales advice is unthinking and mindless. I think High Prob is for the thinking person. (I would have said thinking “man” here, but I’m a woman. 🙂


  3. Chris Cortese says:

    I took the survey. Very interesting to me. I didnt rank extremely high but I was in the higher end and considered having a good chance for compatibility and success. Its funny, as I am catching myself in blindspots I think about how this is almost an unfair advantage for the folks who are able to master these skills. But its not really, because most of the others wont be willing to do what it takes to learn the techniques so they disqualify themselves.


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