Charisma vs Passion in Selling

Charisma is about charming people.  It is a way of influencing how someone feels about you.  It may be natural, or it may be a technique for getting approval.

Passion (in this context) is how we feel about something we do.  Feeling passion and expressing passion are two very different things.  The first is real, and the second may be an act.  If we are not careful, our expression of passion may be interpreted as an attempt to influence how a prospect feels about what we are selling.

Influencing how a prospect feels is one way to sell.  However, influencing a prospect is not compatible with High Probability Selling.

We teach our students to maintain an objective, neutral, and businesslike manner when selling.  We put our passion and our energy into finding people who want what we are selling and into determining how likely the outcome will turn out the way we want it to.

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Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

6 thoughts on “Charisma vs Passion in Selling”

  1. I think traditional sales people believe that emotions are transferred from one person to another.

    “If I’m excited, other people get excited, too.” “When I’m sad, others get sad, too.”

    With loved ones, this is often true; however, in a sales situation with a stranger, it works to the contrary. If you are overly excited or “in love” with your product, others perceive it as “pressure” or manipulation.

    Even if you think your product is the best of its kind, you’ll sell more if you squash your passion until after your prospect buys. Then, you can show your passion, because you’re responding to theirs!

    Charisma doesn’t belong in this conversation, as far as I can see. Apples and oranges come to mind.


  2. Hi,.just read the latest from the prospecting Blog,,,,then discovered I have a Question ? . In the entrance of the call,,,,should one use ( Hi ) ,,,as opposed to this is ? or is the Enthusiasm placed in the body of the call ? Thanks So Very Much Carl,,,,Ory


    1. Hello Ory, and thank you for your comment and questions.

      We do not say Hi or Hello at the start of the call. We are constantly testing details like this, because things change in the world. If we ever discover that starting with “Hi” works better than “This is” then we will let you know.

      We do not act with enthusiasm at any point during the call. Acting that way does not work well with High Probability Selling.

      Carl Ingalls


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