Sales Training: Trust and Respect Inquiry (TRI), a Workshop in Three Sessions

This workshop teaches students how to do Level 1 of the Trust and Respect Inquiry as described in the book, High Probability Selling by Jacques Werth and Nicholas Ruben (in the chapter titled “Establishing a Relationship”). It is intended for people who have taken the introductory mini-course on the TRI, or have had at least some training or experience with the method.

Three interactive live video sessions on Zoom, spaced 1 week apart, led by Carl Ingalls. Each session is about 2 hours long, and is recorded.

Includes: a workbook, live demonstrations of the method, practice during sessions, coaching, assigned exercises to do between sessions, and video recordings of each session.

Price: $382 USD per student. This covers all 3 sessions and materials.

Dates: Tue 30 Nov, Tue 7 Dec, Tue 14 Dec, and Tue 21 Dec 2021
Time: 1pm to 3 pm, USA Eastern Time

Note: This course has had other names over the years: Getting Personal, Powerful Listening, Rapport & Connecting.

For more information, see and the article on this blog “You Have to Get Personal“.

If you decide you want to attend this workshop, or if you have questions, please contact Carl Ingalls, +1 610-627-9030 or

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

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