Schedule: 28 June through 2 July 2021

Mon 28 June:  Live Video Streaming Event on Facebook “Go for No and High Probability Selling”

Andrea Waltz and Carl Ingalls will explore the similarities and differences between these two selling systems.  Our conversation will be streamed live to the High Probability Selling company page on Facebook, at on Monday 28 June starting at 1:00pm USA Eastern Time.

No charge.  Registration not required.

Tue 29 June:  Rapport (TRI) Basics, a Mini-Course on Zoom

Introduction to the Trust and Respect Inquiry (TRI), which is how we connect with someone without trying to create rapport or build a relationship.  Why we do it, and the basics of how and when.

From 1:00pm to 1:45pm, USA Eastern Time, on Tuesday 29 June 2021.

This is a short mini-course, 45 min for $45 USD.  To purchase, go to

Thu 1 July:  Discovery / Disqualification, a Mini-Course on Zoom

These are the questions we ask to uncover the most common deal-killers early in the sales process. Discovery is a must. Disqualification is optional.

From 10:00am to 10:45am, USA Eastern Time, on Thursday 1 July 2021.

This is a short mini-course, 45 min for $45 USD.  To purchase, go to

Fri 2 July:  Prospecting Workshop, a Continuing Series of Sessions on Zoom

A mix of structured instruction plus individual coaching.  We rotate through all of the elements of High Probability Prospecting, in detail.  Continuous, ongoing — start, skip, pause, or stop anytime.

Recommended for people who want guidance in creating and delivering their own High Probability Prospecting Offers.

This week’s session will be 12 noon to about 2:30pm, USA Eastern Time, on Friday 2 July 2021.

$145 USD per session, with discounts when purchasing more than one session at a time (see below).

I recommend that you check with me (Carl Ingalls) before signing up or purchasing any of these prospecting workshop sessions, just to make sure that this really is what you want.

If you decide that you want to purchase and attend one session for $145, go to

To purchase more than one session, at a lower cost per session:
2 sessions for $250
3 sessions for $355
4 sessions for $460

Relationship Selling

Would you trust someone who tried to form a relationship with you solely for the purpose of selling you something?

Many salespeople believe that the key to getting someone to buy is to build a “relationship” first.  They are the ones who say “how are you” on a cold call.

Saying “how are you” on a cold call is one of the signs that someone is going to try to get you to buy.  You may have noticed that, consciously or unconsciously, and it may affect your decision about whether you will buy from that salesperson or not.

In High Probability Selling, we don’t try to build relationships.  Relationships come from doing business, not the other way around.

Turning the Fear of Selling into Confidence

by Jacques Werth

In my first sales job, I visited over 100 potential customers a week.  Every time I walked into a company and asked to see the person who could make a decision to buy the kind of product I was selling, I did so with trepidation.  Each time, it became harder and more nerve wracking.

When I occasionally got to talk to decision makers, I was uncomfortable just trying to build a little rapport with them.  After 4 months, I had sold nothing, I was thoroughly discouraged, and I was ready to quit.

Then I got lucky.  The top salesperson in the huge company that employed me agreed to let me go on sales calls with him.  I learned a new way of selling by carefully observing how he worked.  I also learned that his truly relaxed way of communicating set him apart from other salespeople.

He did not do any of the typical rapport building techniques that salespeople are taught.  He knew how to control the conversation confidently without controlling the prospect.  After watching him for a couple of days, I learned how to do that by practicing his way of communicating with everyone I met.

Five years later, I was a highly successful salesperson and managed my first sales force.  Since that time, I have hired, trained, and managed hundreds of salespeople.  Most of them exhibited the same kind of anxiety that I did as a neophyte salesperson, even after they had been in sales for years.  I taught many of them how to be relaxed and confident, and they became much more successful.

Just as I did, people can learn to talk to almost anyone with confidence in their competence if they get the right kind of training and practice.