One-Minute Sales Tip: Say Goodbye to Resistance

What causes sales resistance?

It’s not automatically produced by the customer; it’s created by the intention of the salesperson. Resistance is created when the salesperson intends to do whatever it takes to get the prospect to buy.

Most people perceive this as pressure.  The natural reaction whenever pressure is applied is resistance. Remove the pressure, and you and the customer breathe easier and more business gets done.

Resistance is not a factor when seller and buyer both want the same thing – to do business together. Change your intention.  Find the prospects that want to buy and say goodbye to sales resistance.  

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

2 thoughts on “One-Minute Sales Tip: Say Goodbye to Resistance”

  1. Often people feel they need to sell everyone they contact. My success grew when I realized I didn’t need to sell everyone, I just needed to find out if we had a reason to do business, or not, as quickly and accurately as possible in a profesional and straight forward way. This frees up huge amounts of time to be in contact with the people who need and want to buy your products.


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