High Probability Prospecting Offers Reviewed Here

We invite you to submit your High Probability Prospecting Offer as a comment on this post.  Jacques Werth and/or Carl Ingalls may review your prospecting offer and provide suggestions on how it can be made more consistent with High Probability Prospecting.

We also invite other readers to comment on people’s prospecting offers.  Many of our readers are very knowledgeable about High Probability Prospecting.

Before you submit a prospecting offer for review, keep in mind these points.

  • Review Guidelines for Creating a High Probability Prospecting Offer (a previous post on this blog).
  • Add a comment to this blog post, and include your prospecting offer in your comment.
  • Before you click on the button to submit your comment, you may want to click on the checkbox that says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”.
  • Submit only one prospecting offer at a time.  If you put more than one prospecting offer in your comment, we are less likely to respond.
  • Do not include any hyperlinks in the body of your comment.  You may enter a hyperlink in the text box labeled “URI” if you wish.
  • Your comment (and any replies to it) will be public, available for anyone to see.  You may use your real name and your real company name if you want, or you may use an alias instead, like “This is John Doe of ABC Company.”

Please note that this is an experiment.  We don’t know how well it will work.  If it turns out well, we may continue it.  If not, we may remove this post and all comments.

2019 Update – This experiment has been going very well.  Readers are welcome to post High Probability Prospecting Offers for review.

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

139 thoughts on “High Probability Prospecting Offers Reviewed Here”

  1. yes that’s factually true..

    I will assume that most will know what “hyperlink” means.

    Thanks so much for your time and thoughts Carl

    very much appreciated



    1. Hello Darrol,
      You are very welcome.
      There are always tweaks that can be done to improve an offer. However, yours is good enough to begin delivering it, and it is better to listen to how people react to your offer before making more adjustments.
      I wish you the best of success.
      Carl Ingalls


  2. This is David Tank from XYZ Corp. I run a private monthly magazine for 4,200 homeowners in your town. I have advertising spaces in it for 8 to 55 cents/home. Is that something you want?


    1. Hello Dhawal,
      Your offer violates one of the guidelines, by using the word “your” in “your town”. It would be better if you named a specific town instead.
      Another way the offer can be improved, is to start out by talking about The Get, rather than what you do. You could say something like, “I sell advertising space in a private monthly magazine …”
      Happy Prospecting,
      Carl Ingalls


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