If You Could Predict Each Sale, What Would Change?

Suppose you had a crystal ball that will tell you who will buy from you and who will not.  What would you do with it?

Would you test it?  How?

How accurate would the predictions have to be in order to make a difference in how you spend your time and energy?

What would stop you?

I know the logical answers, and maybe you do too.  But I’m asking for your thoughts and feelings about this, because most of our decisions are based on our individual experience and gut feel.  Logic comes later, if at all.

What would you do?

[Author’s note.  The crystal ball has only two answers:  Yes, or No.]

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

4 thoughts on “If You Could Predict Each Sale, What Would Change?”

  1. The great thing is we do not need a crystal ball. Developing solid prospecting skills, applying the ability of effective listening and asking questions, plus “hanging out” where the market is usually results in 80%+ closing ratios. At least that has been true the past 5 decades in my expereince


  2. To those who buy from me: I would upgrade the offer to a new product or service. Make a luxury version of current offering.
    To those who do not buy from me: I would find out why not and make necessary adjustments, if workable.
    I would tailor my offer as a test in order to get a minimum commitment from either customer groups. Say to customer, “My minimum order is $10 (or whatever), is that ok with you?”
    I don’t live in a world of prediction so I cannot go there. I would spend my time & energy on getting the product right since getting customers is the most important thing in business (getting product right is hardest.)
    I would also focus on the bare minimum to make a deal workable in a reasonable amount of time.
    The only thing that can stop me is a customer with no unmet need or desire. I live in a world where consumption limits production.
    For me logic comes first since I no longer waste time on markets without customers in need.


  3. Hi,,,In the prosecting piece with High prob,,,,one makes the offer and skas the direct Question. In my mind it all comes down to that. and then we move forward,,,,It s matter of fact and nothing complicated. Thxs Ory NYLife


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