Why are some people unwilling or unable to do High Probability Selling?

I think I have a couple of answers. 

  1. High Probability Selling (HPS) is scary, and more so for some people than others.  It’s easy to imagine a lot of things going horribly wrong, and those fears don’t go away until you actually do it.  I experienced that for a while, until I finally did the full Trust and Respect Inquiry (TRI) all the way through Level 3, and outside of a training situation. 
  2. Habits need to be changed, and especially in the way we interact with other people.  Some students don’t seem to be able to do this, and they keep on acting in ways that don’t work with HPS. 
  3. Change is uncomfortable. 
  4. Resistance to being pushed is a common reflex in a lot of people.  Trying to convince a student that they should do things in a different way can be counterproductive. 
  5. Some people believe that they need to be convinced before they are willing to try HPS.  They live in a world of persuasion, and it is particularly difficult for them to let go of that when selling to other people. 
  6. Small steps toward HPS can have very negative results, depending on what path you take.  A path of continuous improvement is difficult to find.  So much has to come together all at once, and this can be very discouraging. 

I’d love to hear ideas from readers and practitioners of High Probability Selling.

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

2 thoughts on “Why are some people unwilling or unable to do High Probability Selling?”

  1. Hi Carl, hope you are doing fine (:

    I would say that two major core things that affect people’s understanding and “grasping/getting” of the HPS Model is IGNORANCE about the true nuances of selling and prospecting and that most people live in what Jacques Werth & Nicholas Ruben would call the “Traditional Selling Paradigm”.

    Basically, most people believe in the depth of their hearts that ALL selling (and Prospecting) involves some sort of persuasion and do not understand that THE TYPE OF PROSPECT is what dictates the selling approach/model to be used. THAT is the key for people to “get” HPS IMHO. That is why a huge emphasis is placed on the HPS book and other materials about the concept of the HIGH PROBABILITY PROSPECT. In my view, EVERYTHING turns around the result of the Qualification/Profiling process at the Sales Prospecting stage.

    HPS is the sales model to be used specifically with the HIGH PROBABILITY PROSPECTS.

    The HIGH PROBABILITY PROSPECT does NOT requires persuasion.

    Persuasion serves only to affect Interest (& Desire).

    The HIGH PROBABILITY PROSPECT ALREADY HAS BOTH, INTEREST AND DESIRE. So, Persuasion is not only NOT required at all but in most cases a waste of time and, worse, counterproductive (overselling).

    Persuasion is for Prospects who have Resistance, low interest, interest but no desire or not interest.

    The HIGH PROBABILITY PROSPECT is already “there”, ready to buy now (Interest, Desire & Capability), and just wants to make sure that whatever you are offering is indeed what he needs and wants specifically and that you are somebody who he can truly trust when you tell him so.

    My 2 cents 😉

    Francesco The Salesman


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