Driving Your Customers

by Carl Ingalls

Watch your language.  Driving is what we do to sheep.  Is that how you feel about your customers?  If so, it probably shows.  If not, then be careful about the language you use, and the messages it sends.

If you don’t respect your customers, and you don’t show this in every detail, you can’t expect them to respect you.  Lack of respect leads to lack of trust, and we all know what that does to sales.

Driving Your Customers

One thought on “Driving Your Customers

  1. I do my best to communicate as you posted – clearly and to the point. That also means asking questions of want and not trying to sell to a no want person or getting a no want person to become a want person.

    One sign of respect is being honest and genuine in your conversation. Another is not wasting another person’s time.

    In my kind of business there is and always has been a lot of hype and I hate what it’s done.


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