Questions and Comments from Our Audience, 2021-06

Steve Alexander wrote:

I was thinking about High Prob Sell vs Go for No.  I believe both systems are based on the two holy grails of life – 1) Whatever you resist persists, and 2) whatever you pursue eludes you.  I have noticed these two universal truths everywhere in life.  It’s amazing how simple things become once you “get it.”  Want to sell something?  Stop trying.  That’s basically how it works.  If you stop trying to sell, people will buy, assuming you have something people want.  If they don’t want it, you’re better off being quiet.  Sometimes, prospects will talk themselves into a sale, but you never will.

Adam Ruplinger wrote:

I love HPS!  I do not sell well when experiencing anxiety.  HPS eliminates my anxiety.  I cannot find a company that lets me use it.  Can you provide a list of companies using it I could apply for work?  Thank you!

Carl Ingalls replied:

I don’t have a list of companies that use HPS.  In general, large companies do not support it.  Also, when a company pays a salary to a salesperson, I take that to mean that they are paying the salesperson to sell the way they tell them to.  However, when the compensation is commission, the salesperson is generally free to use whatever method he or she chooses, as long as they get results.

When applying for a sales position, I recommend that you say the following, “I use my own sales method.  Will that work for you.”

Only mention High Probability Selling if asked.  Never try to talk anyone into it. 

Published here with permission from the authors.

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