Discovery / Disqualification, a New Mini-Course in HPS

The next High Probability Selling Mini-Course will be a short webinar session about the Discovery / Disqualification Questions, on Tuesday 17 December 2019 at 4pm USA Eastern Time.  39 minutes  for $39

These are the questions described in the book, High Probability Selling by Jacques Werth and Nicholas Ruben, in the chapter titled “Discovery/Dis-Qualification”, with a few modifications.

The purpose of these questions is to uncover the most common potential deal-killers early in the sales process.  The questions that appear in the book are designed for business-to-business sales.  The webinar will include business-to-consumer variations.

The webinar will be led by Carl Ingalls in real-time (live).  Content is mostly audio (speaking), with some video (text, graphics).  The session will be recorded (audio and video, plus transcript), and the recording will be made available to everyone who signs up (and pays for) the mini-course.  The recording of this session may be offered for sale later.

The webinar platform is GoToMeeting.  If you have not already downloaded and installed the GoToMeeting app on your computer or mobile phone, I strongly recommend that you do so at least 30 minutes before the webinar begins.  And even if you have the app and are already familiar with GoToMeeting, please note that they have changed their user interface quite significantly recently, so I recommend joining the meeting 5 or 10 minutes early.

The price is $39 USD per person.  However, I have 10 introductory discount coupons to give away, each $10 off.  If you want one, please contact me (Carl Ingalls) by phone at +1 610-627-9030 or by email at (before you click on the purchase link below).

If you want to purchase this HPS Mini-Course about the Discovery / Disqualification Questions now, you may use this link:

Future HPS Mini-Courses will appear on the HPS Training Calendar at least a week before they are scheduled.

More info can be found at

Author: Carl Ingalls

Administrator for High Probability Selling Blog

One thought on “Discovery / Disqualification, a New Mini-Course in HPS”

  1. I will be attending this upcoming Discovery / Disqualification Mini-Course Webinar to learn what has changed in this phase of the High Probability Selling sales process since Jaques Werth published the book.


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